Search engine optimization process

Link Building

A crucial part of SEO is building links from other high quality websites.  We do this by:

Link building - generating one-way incoming links to your site by contacting other webmasters and requesting links.

Directory submissions - submitting your site to the most popular and successful directories on the net.

Article submissions - writing articles and submitting these to 100 - 200 article directories.

Google counts each link as a vote of confidence and the more high quality, relevant links you have going to your site, the higher your site will appear with search engines.  All our links meet the following criteria:

  • Have under 100 outgoing links on a page (with at least 50% having under 50).
  • Be on websites that have some relevance to your own.
  • Be on pages indexed by Google.
  • Be on pages with a good PageRank or sites with a home page PageRank of 3 or more.
  • Not be on spam sites or on pages with spam content.
  • Not be on pages with nofollow.

We also do not include links from directories, article submissions, blogs or forums in our standard link building package.  This does not mean these don't have their place, just that we target only 'standard' websites, which tend to have fewer outgoing links.

SEO Analysis

Once we have completed the on-site SEO and link building, the final stage of the SEO Process is to perform an SEO Analysis on your site.  What position has it achieved with the major search engines for its important keywords or phrases?  Have we met our goals or do we have a little way still to go?

If your website is already first for certain key phrases, it would be pointless to continue to generate a lot more links using this anchor text (the clickable part of a link to your site), instead it's better to add more variety to the links, targetting different keywords and broadening the searches you appear for, which brings us back the full circle to Keyword Selection.